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“65% of a salesperson’s time is spent. Not Selling!”
– Gartner

Your best sales people shouldn’t prospect!

Have you ever tried to be chief prospector and sales closer?

It’s near impossible. It’s also ineffective.

When your sales time and energy is spread across all areas of your business, including your sales pipeline you can’t focus on closing deals! So you never reach your true potential.

The whole point of prospecting is to target and connect with your ideal clients and do it personally and consistently. That takes focus, commitment and thorough research to back up your sales.

But how can you make this happen?
You don’t! We do.

We help people like…


Marylou Tyler

“I recommend Sales Ignition to everyone who wants to build their audience with high quality content on a regular basis. They’ve delivered articles that our customers love, and freed us up to focus on improving our service.”


Ben Baum

“Sales Ignition has helped us use sales automation to generate sales opportunities by consistently targeting and connecting us with our ideal end users. Prior to this project, we have never seen leads develop from this type of program. I highly recommend looking into using them to grow your pipeline. ”


Eric Hassman

“We are able to focus on closing sales and not distracted with all the lead generation and prospecting efforts any sales team has to do. Sales Ignition has been the key to our success their team quickly helped us identify and build a highly targeted list of our ideal customers.. Read more

End to End Prospecting

Carefully designed to build your sales pipeline, deals and your customer base.


Customer Research & Strategy

We get inside your customers mind to uncover the exact topics that will resonate. Then we use this research to form your outreach roadmap.


Sales Automation

We’ll create your lead magnets to attract prospects to your discovery call. Then we implement smart sales automation that converts a list in to prospects. We guarantee 200 prospects contacted every day – automatically!


List Building, Email Optimization and Management

More than just a email blast! We write and manage your outreach and make it a list building asset that continuously add value to your business.

Research & Strategy

Build an offer that’s worthy of your prospects attention. Form a plan NOT just an email.

Most outreach fails flat because it skips this essential first step: Deep customer research, forming a strategy and a game plan.

Our goal, as your outsourced outreach team isn’t to “spin-up” fluff. Your inbox has enough of that. What we care about is making a real connection with people who will become your customers. This requires that we get inside their minds to learn prompts them to want to share their pain and learn how your product can solve it.

Through interviews with you and your team along with plenty of research into your space, we’ll get to the bottom of what truly matters to your customers.

From there, we’ll form our recommendations for a comprehensive strategy. From a well researched list of target clients and lead magnet you’ll have a clear road map for how we’ll row your audience and customer base in the months ahead.

  • Leadership & Team Interview
  • Industry and Target Market Research
  • Past 25 deal analysis
  • Outreach Strategy
  • Sales Automation Workflows

Sales Automation

Eliminate the peaks and valleys in your sales pipeline. Funnel new prospects into your top sales people and your customer base.

Building your email list is crucial if you want to avoid inconsistent productivity and connect with your ideal clients. Too many sales teams let their list go “cold” because they don’t send anything new. Microsoft says that it now takes 12 touches to convert a prospect into a customer!

We create outreach emails with offers to engage with your target market. Then we create a sequence of emails packed with questions to drive your call to action.

With smart sales automation, we can tailor your messages and offers based on who on your sales team, location of the client, industry and offer. Yep, we’ll set up your automation workflow for you.

  • Write Email Copy that Elicit Conversions from your ideal clients
  • Design smart sales automation sequences
  • Create Offers that connect with your target markets
  • Set up your sales automation to track key metrics
  • Maintain a fresh accurate email/prospect list

Managed Sales Outreach

Get off the ebb and flow. We’ll keep your growth engine running without sucking up your team’s time.

If you’ve been handling your company’s list building in-house, then you know how exhausting it is to keep a consistent flow of new prospects. Even if you’ve outsourced to a virtual assistant, you’re still stuck feeding them target lists, software to research and handling QA of the list.

  • Well Researched Target Database
  • High Quality Conversion Focused Emails
  • Proper Duration Sequences
  • Monthly or Weekly Reports
  • Time Savings Managed Responses


Find a plan that’s right for you.

Set the Fuse - Strategy & Launch

$ 2,499


  • Outreach Offer – Lead Magnet
  • Ideal Client Research
  • Target Market Value Grid
  • Sales Automation
  • Onboarding, Setup & Launch
  • Looking for some examples? Here you go.

Sales Ignition Managed Outreach

$ 2,499 / month


  • Daily Outreach to 50 New Ideal Clients
  • Daily Follow Up with up to 150 Unresponsive Ideal Clients
  • Pro-Active Daily Inbox and Response Management
  • Weekly Sales Prospecting Reporting
  • Must be purchased with Strategy & Launch package.

Sales Ignition Lite

$ 1,499 / month


  • Daily Outreach to 25 New Ideal Client Matching Prospects
  • Daily Follow up with up to 100 Unresponsive Prospects
  • Monthly Reports
  • Must be purchased with Strategy & Launch package.


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